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What is Forex Trading in Urdu (webinar)

  • Raheel Nawaz
  • September 2, 2015

Salam o alikom Dear friends

Today webinar is Totally about Forex trading and it’s full with information about Forex trading, in this video you find your all question Like

  1. What is Forex ?
    • Foreign Exchange Market which is commonly known as “Forex” it’s also called FX Market and Currency Market, is a global financial market where different Currencies of the world are traded in pairs

  2. Size of Forex market ?
    • Watch Video by click on like button

  3. Where is forex Located ?
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  4. What is Traded in Forex ?
  5. What is Currencies ?
  6. What is Currencies Pair
  7. What is forex trading plan
  8. What is forex trading Strategy
  9. What is Candlestick Strategy
  10. What is Fundamental Trading Strategy

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