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50 Habbit Trainning

Lecture 1: Learn the rules of the Forex Trading game in Urdu Hindi Part 2

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Today I'm going to teach you about rules of the Forex market game (50 habits of successful Forex Trader ) Hello my dear friends, My name is Raheel Nawaz and i'm a Forexustaad. Today is Friday blessing tips for everyone . In this video you can Learn how can you become a Successful Trader. it's a simple formula number 2 Learn the rules of the Forex market game , knowing the rules of the game before you play it is essential. would you get behind the wheel of a car and start to drive before you knew the rules ? Of course not. You need to learn how to tern, when to stope and how to safely accelerate before you put yourself and others at rick on the road. Forex trading is a little more complex then driving a car, but the basic principle remains the same. you need to learn and understand the rules of forex before you start to trade. Forexustaad sends you on the open road fully equipped to make the right decisions when you trade


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