Exness and Raheel Nawaz is organized Seminar


Exness and partner Raheel Nawaz is organizing event on 7th February 2016. The event is going to be held In Gujranwala, “Hotel crown city”. We are going to have following programs.
Aim is to communicate with exness partners and clients, sort it our there issues, Direct communication with exness representation and shares future plan..


Exness and Mr Raheel Nawaz “The CEO of Forexustaad.com” organized an event about Forex trading.
 This event was organized in “ The city of Eagles” Gujranwala  (Pakistan).
In this event people who love to learn Forex trading come from all over the country.  In this session they learnt about, ”what is Forex Trading ? How can they do Forex Trading? The source person Mr Raheel Nawaz told the audience about the advantages of Forex trading. The beginning procedure was told them in such a way that most of the people who were not knew  “Forex” before it,  learnt it and understood it very easily.  It was a detailed sessions about Forex by comparing  it with real market business.   There was a light atmosphere ,where there every one
 was in a passion to learn. In this cool atmosphere people take tea with bakery items. After some minute,s relaxation  break Mr Raheel Nawaz invited a presenter from  Exness “ The Forex Company”  who officially delivered  a
presentation about Exness and Forex Market. The people there asked  questions which they had have in their mind and the presenter  give them answers in a very easy ,simple and understanding way. People were learning and having
fun with the interesting questions of audience. After the completion of  presentation there was been given an opportunity to open a bonus account. With the opening of this account people got $30
as a gift from Exness. There were a lot of gifts from this company such as
T-Shirts, notepads, pens etc. After this learningful session people take a delicious
dinner, with many kinds of food. And in this way, Exness and Mr Raheel Nawaz
made the day of audience. It was not only a Learning session but a get-together
,questioning  session, a gift day and a Bonus Party.
May both of them prosper more.

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  1. next saminare jab organize karo gay to sir mujhay bhi bataana,,,, i also want ti attend ur saminar… i really want .. thank u

  2. wao sir g amezing very very very nice boss g

  3. Are you organizing anything same like that in Multan near Future ?

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