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How was 2020 for Forex Market Must Watch Video for a Trader

The effect of corona on forex trading has been mind blowing in 2020 . Do read this to know the full extent and learn about the reasons about forex trading in year 2020!

Free indicator for Forex | Forexustaad-pro indicator

Hey Friends, Today 14 August, 2014 is independence day of Pakistan. As I promised with you that I teach you free about forex trading. I’m very happy to start my website on 14 August, 2014...

Opening Event Of Technow Pakistan

Mr Raheel Nawaz “The CEO of” organized an event about opening of his dream dream and milestone software house name as TECHNOW the technology hub. This event was organized in “ The city of Eagles” Gujranwala (Pakistan). In this event Raheel Nawaz explained

ForexUstaad Weekly Lucky Draw

Forexustaad Lucky Draws promotion is going to be promoted by Mr Raheel Nawaz on 21/11/2016 as an incentive to encourage the local Forex

Fundamental Analysis about US Presidential Election 2016

Finally today is US Election Day, the day to decide the result of the battle which was started on the media almost a year back. Media has already made the mind of people that Mrs. Clinton

Market reviews Euro/Dollar, Dollar Yen and more

The yen retreated against its major peers on Tuesday, as risk appetite was relatively positive and trading was quiet, which

How To Use Technical Analysis When Trading Forex

No matter what you’re trading analysis is important. In the world of trading, analysis is the process of using

A Very Happy Independence Day!

Join in the celebration of independence and freedom this August! Participate in the 2016 Azadi Real Account Contest and stand to

Exness and Raheel Nawaz is organized Seminar

No matter what you’re trading analysis is important. In the world of trading, analysis is the process of using the data that’s available

Free Signals, Analysis and news updates

Assalam o Alaikum Dear Friends If you need Free Signals , Analysis and Market updates then sing up Now , InshaAllah you get daily and weekly updates in your e mail box

New type of Scam or fraud enter in internet market

Assalam U Alaikum dear Friends, Today I’m going to Alert you new type of scam, This is not very new but it’s new in Pakistan

Learn free Flags charts patterns in Urdu | Hindi

Salam o alaikum all my Dear Traders Today I’m going to teach you A free chart pattern which is called flags , It’s most popular and profitable

My Advance Forex Trading Plan on July 2015

In this Video I will show you my Real Trading account, which I started 1st July 2015, set 25% Target and in just 10 days I got my target

It’s not only Mr.Bean Trading story , It’s your also ……!

Salam Friends Yu to ye Photo meiny Fun masti ky liy upload ki hai but it’s not funny it’s your story 😛 gee ha ye 99% Forex Trader ki story hai jin jinlogo ny learn kiy bagir he Forex Trading start di the aon sab ny start me Mr.Bean ki

What is Forex and How To Become a Successful Forex Trader (Urdu/hindi)

So far, we have talked about the Forex market, money management and candlestick signals and Trading strategy in our videos. In this video we will talk about the a pl

Fundamental Analysis for Forex Trading, A Free Video for Newbie in urdu/hindi

Dear Friends 99% traders fail and they loss all there funds in Forex trading , I know you also worry about your future in Forex Market , Yo want to answer ?? why your Stop loss hit early

Forex Trading without stop loss

Forex Trading karty time Stop loss zaror set kya karo warna app ka be ye he hall ho ga jo es bandy ky sath howa hai. account wast and patanai kya kya

The Best Currency Pair to Trade in Forex Market

In today’s post i will talk about the Best currency pairs for Forex Trading.I know some senior traders already knows what what currency pairs are best to trade. but this post is for beginners Traders Which currency pairs are best to trade traders always ask this question a lot on forums and discussion boards, But unfortunately

How to Deposit and Withdraw money in exness from Pakistan

In this Post I will teach you how to money deposit in your exness account from Pakistan via Excard. Like You want invest in PKR and also withdraw in Pak rupess then

Fundamental Analysis,A Free webinar for Newbie in urdu/hindi

Salam o alikom my Friends , I have an other Good news for all my ForexUstaad members, I have organize a Free webinar about Fundamental

Great news for my Forex lovers Friends

Salam-Alikom Meiny sab dosto ky liy Free webinar rakha hai, but ye free hai nai ye jo log mery sy training ly rahy hai aos ki class hai but aon logo ky tawon sy sab ko

I Love Daily time frame for Forex Trading, Do you ?

Beginner traders always want to know what is the best time frame for candlestick. Many platforms support different time frames from 1 minute to 1 month. Even some of them platforms support tropical time frames like 10 minute or 2 hours . I have published an article before

Timing is most important element in Forex Trading

The most important element in Forex Trading is Timing and Patience Patience is something my clients only learn after losing big money in Forex trading

How to draw a perfect trend-line

it’s only for Forex Fun, how to draw a perfect trend-line pleas don’t try at home , its only forex fun , we want to make fun at our weekend so if you have Forex Trading funny. staff like that then share with use wth your name Thank you

School’boy made $72million from Forex Trading on his lunch breaks

This is news of the Year 2014 A School Boy make $72 Million From Forex Trading on his school lunch break, He is Muslim and his name is

learn Forex Trading in Pakistan | manual support and resistance

Friends learn Forex Trading in Pakistan now very easy because we teach you 100% free at Today we share with you a Forex

Forex Trading webinar for VIPs

In this webinar you learn how to use VIPstrend Indicator and also how to menage your daily trad setup with us. This webinar is for VIPs member but also free for all my Users ,you se

Forex Trading using Moving Average Strategy in urdu/Hindi

Friends Today Mr.Hamid Teach you what is “Moving Average” and how can word this strategy to help use for earn some pips in Forex Trading, fist is very

what is Candlestick Strategy in urdu/Hindi part 1

Technical analysis is an observation of combination of chart patterns, Candlestick formations and indicators. Together with chart patterns, candlestick formation

Always trad with stop loss in Forex trading

I teach in my webinar you always trad with stop loss, look at image below and get some idea, you must Always trad with Sl if you no bear wash you trading account ....

Advance Forex Trading Plan

Friends Today we talk about Advance Forex Trading Plan in Pakistan, if you doing Forex Trading and you still doing loss from many years then you come right place , before we start talking about Forex trading plan you

Live Radio

Every Saturday and Sunday Live at Raheel Nawaz 1 is on Mixlr you

How to use Metatrader 4 full training in urdu Part 1

You know ? What is Meta Trader and how can we use Meta Trader 4…….. Don’t worry if you don’t know about metaTrader 4 , I will teach you in this webinar about Metatrader 4 in ur

How to use Metatrader 4 full training in urdu Part 2

How to use Metatrader 4 full training in Pakistan (Urdu) Part 2 In this webinar you learn about Meta-Trader 4 (MT4) with full detail , I’m sure if you watch this Video then you never face any problem to using MT4. pleas note

How to Choose a Forex Trading Broker in urdu (webinar)

Why Choosing Forex Broker is imported ? To Trade in Forex market you need a broker. there is no way around to choose a perfect broker, the problem is that you can not

How to Choose a Forex Broker webinar ready

In this webinar you learn how does a Forex “newbie” pick a broker? We are organize this webinar to help you to select a best broker available in the forex market You will never got information like this before so pleas watch our video and learn much more about how to choose Broker and what is requirements checked before joining any Forex broker market.InshaAllah this is information helped

What is Forex Trading in Urdu (webinar)

Salam o alikom Dear friends Today webinar is Totally about Forex trading and it’s full with information about Forex trading, in this video you find your all question Like What is Fore

How can Draw Support and Resistance on chart In Urdu

Hay Friends Today I share with you Support and Resistance information, before I told you, What is Support and What is Resistance and hx.

Pinbar candlestick strategies in urdu

Hay Friends, Today I share with you a Pinbar strategy. It is very useful strategy and I have earned number of pips by using this strategy, So I Decided to share with

Free indicator for Forex | Forexustaad-pro indicator

Hey Friends, Today 14 August, 2014 is independence day of Pakistan. As I promised with you that I teach you free about forex trading. I’m very happy to

What is forex trading

What is forex ? Forex stands for “FOReign EXcange” it’s also called as FX.

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