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How to Back Test your Trading Strategy

The problem with 99% of today's traders is that when they learn a strategy, they do not practice it through a demo account nor do backtesting. In today's video, Forexustaad will show you how to do backtesting in Forex. If you look at the chart of US TECH, go to one-second time frame, then when the market came to 11800, the market made 2 Doji candles, which confirmed in the market that now the trend is about to change, from here, the buy trade is formed, which till now. The profit is going up. If we go back a little to April 2021. Clicking on the trading view option will take you to the website. If you do not have a account, open a account by clicking on the link in the description of the same video. That way you will get coupons and coins and I will also get coupons and coins. The market here is at the top. The market went up a bit and made doji. After that, the market fell. After Doji, selling becomes a trade because the market has gone down a lot. After falling sharply, the market is going up again and putting up again. This has become a double-top strategy which indicates that the market will fall down again. In the same way, you can use any of your indicators to do back-testing of the market, from which you will learn a lot about how good the results of market back-testing are. Similarly, if you look back two years in the gold chart, then check the backtesting after becoming a Doji. And see how many TPs you hit and how many stop-loss hits you did while doing backtesting. You will know by looking at the results how useful backtesting is. Doji back testing in US OIL also gives very good results. In OIL, Forexustaad has also done live trading. Four things are needed for backtesting. Number one is your trading plan and three things are needed within the trading plan. Number one is money management, number two is the risk-reward ratio within money management, and number three is what you want to buy and what Looking to sell? Number four, how many entries do you have to take? The fifth thing you have to do where enters the market and exit. Backtesting means that in forex trading you can check your trading history and compare your strategies to see which strategy is more profitable. In the next video, Forexustaad will show you back testing in Meta trader 4. In the same way, I will try back-testing the remote if you are interested. Please comment as much as possible. You learn first then invest in forex trading. If you want to do forex trading or crypto trading then visit our website and get free forex trading training and free tools if you want to be a successful Forex trader, subscribe to our channel now. So you can get all the incoming videos on time.


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