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Gold (XAUUSD) weekly fundamental analysis in Hindi | Forex Trading signals

Today in this video Forexustaad will tell you what happened in the gold market last week and what is going to happen next week. What are the effects of the Russia-Ukraine war on Gold? Today, along with Forexustaad, there will be special guests who will express their opinion about the Gold movement in the coming week. If you watch a news event, you should know that this week, one month is closing and the other month is starting. Therefore, this week is going to be very important and most of all the month of June is starting. There are many developments in the month of June. Monday is a bank holiday in the United States. Speaks are also coming on Monday but they are not much affected. Most of the news on Tuesday is low impact but CB Consumer Confidence is very important news. Last time CB Consumer Confidence107 came but now it is expected to be 103. However, if it came less than 103 came to 100 or 99 then it would be very bad news for the USA economy. This will lower the dollar index and provide a good opportunity for a bullish trade in gold, so pay close attention to it. Forexustaad also has to come live on Wednesday at 7 PM so this is an important day. The ISM Manufacturing PMI and JOLTS Job Openings news are coming out next Wednesday. Both these news are very important in terms of gold and in terms of the US dollar index. This Wednesday, Forexustaad will try to start live streaming by 6 PM. So that we can trade, and live on this news. On Thursday, ADP Non-Farm Employment Change news is coming, the forecast of the data is good, its preview was 247K, and the forecast is coming 297K. See what happens. News of Average Hourly Earnings m / m is coming on Friday whose previous data was 0.3. The forecast is coming at 0.4. News of the Unemployment Rate is also high impact. The previous data was 3.6%, and the forecast is 3.5%. If this happens, it will increase the value of the US dollar index. Non-Farm Employment Change news is also high impact which is very important. Which had previous data 428k, which is 325K forecast data. If it comes to less than 325k, the US dollar index will fall. Treasury Currency Report News is also coming at the end of the same week which makes a significant impact on the market. There are chances of being close to bearish this month's monthly candle. Because Monday US bank holiday. In addition, there is no special news on Tuesday. Gold could go up if the US data does not come good. If there is a peace agreement between Russia and Ukraine, Gold will fall further. The gold market in H4 is moving between 1860 and 1840. When the market came between 1840 and 1835, start scalping buy-side. I will not recommend sell-side scalping here. In this video, our Special Guest, Mr. Abbas, a very good fundamentals analyst, will also tell you what America's data will look like in the coming days. What will be Gold's trend? According to Mr. Abbas, the war between Russia and Ukraine has almost cooled down; gold has very little chance of going up. So hopefully Gold will make 19,000 a barrier point. The gold could go from 1840 to 1885 if US data does not come up well in the coming week. If you want to watch all the upcoming videos of Forexustaad, subscribe to our channel nM0ggMKQ.


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