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Gold (XAUUSD) weekly fundamental analysis

In this weekly video from Gold, Forexustaad will tell you how the last week went. How did last week's data from the USA come about? What is the status of the Russia-Ukraine war? What did you say to Putin that made the war worse, or what did Biden say that the dollar strengthened? Due to this the bearish move in gold is getting or can be found. How is the data coming up this week? All of these things will be discussed in this video. So you must watch this video and watch it till the end. Last week's USA data is very good. If you look at CB Consumer Confidence the previous data was 108.6 and the forecast data was 103.9 while the actual data is 106.4 which means that the consumer still has confidence in his country's economy which is a very important thing. In addition, almost all other data is positive. This means the USA economy is getting stronger, which will have an impact on the dollar index as well. Looking at the US dollar index, the market remained bullish throughout the week. According to Forexustaad's analysis, the US dollar index should have traded at 99 or 98, but this is exactly the opposite of Forexustaad's analysis. Looking at next week's fundamentals, Monday is a bank holiday in NZD, AUD, CHF, EUR, and CNY. There is no special USD news on Tuesday. There is news of 10-y Bond Auction and Crude Oil Inventories on Wednesday while there is no special USD news and Forexustaad also has to come live on Wednesday. There is news of Unemployment Claims on Thursday but it is low-impact news. CPI m / m on Friday is a very important data but its impact will be next week. Forexustaad and Forexustaad's guest Mr. Abbas also said in the last stream that gold has a good buying area in 1830. We bought gold in 1830. All the data came positive which was against gold yet our trade is still going in profit. According to Forexustaad's analysis, gold should be sold in 1880 and TP in 1815. While stop-loss depends on how big your account is. Let the gold market go up first then there will be an opportunity to sell safely. Gold has been falling steadily for the past two months since becoming a Doji in the monthly time frame. If this month's candle also becomes bearish then the gold market may fall below 1700. Gold is also technically showing the bearish trend in the daily time frame like fundamentals. After Biden's statement that all our data is positive, there is no threat to our economy. After this statement, the US dollar index started going up and gold fell down. Despite all this, if Russia escalates the war in Ukraine or the threat of war between China, Taiwan, or China and India increases, then gold will go up. But if Russia and Ukraine end the war, gold will fall further. Therefore, it is important to look at technical as well as fundamental news. Scalper traders sell gold from 1880 and earn a profit by exiting trades till 1810 or 1800. You learn first then invest in forex trading. If you want to do forex trading or crypto trading then visit our website and get free forex trading training, and free tools if you want to be a successful Forex trader, subscribe to our channel now. So you can get all the incoming videos on time.


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