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Crude Oil Price Weekly Analysis in Hindi & URDU

In this video, Forexustaad will do a weekly analysis of oil and see where the oil will go technically and fundamentally in the coming week. The war between Russia and Ukraine will also be discussed because the inflation in the world is due to the war between Russia and Ukraine. The price of oil depends on the war between Russia and Ukraine. Technically, the price of oil has been steadily rising for the last six months. In March 2022, when the war between Russia and Ukraine was at its peak, the oil had set a high of 129. If we talk about all over history, then in August 2008 Oil had set its high of 146. Now technically it looks like the oil will touch its 146 high again or break it and go up. In the weekly time frame, the oil market will fall to 110 in early June, after which the oil market will touch 127 or 128 in June 2022. In the daily time frame, the oil market is touching 129 again in June 2022. In other words, the price of oil is increasing by 10 dollars per barrel in a month. In April, Forexustaad gave oil signals that oil would come to 95 and then the oil market would come to 126. Oil did not come to 95 but came to 99 and then started going upwards. The Doji candle is gaining importance in the forex market these days. Because the results of Doji are very good, so Forexustaad has made two videos about Doji, you must watch them, you will benefit a lot. If you look at the fundamentals, oil is traded in USD. The US dollar index continues to fall. The US dollar index has touched 101. This week, USA's data is likely to be negative and there is news that oil production will be kept as before or oil production will be reduced while the demand for oil is increasing day by day. The third factor is that the old oil furnaces of the USA or OPEC have started escaping from the oil market. They have started investing in electric power generation sectors. At the beginning of 2021, Forexustaad had said that now oil will be expensive, and oil may reach 200 dollars per barrel. But there will come a time when oil starts to fall down, it will be the fall of oil, then the price of oil may fall to 10 dollars per barrel. Because by that time solar, wind, water, and nuclear energy would have reached such a peak that no one would look at oil. But this time is far away. Now we will buy oil and make a profit. When oil falls to 114 in the H1 time frame, take buy trade and keep your TP up to 127. In addition, Forexustaad has data on the demand and supply of oil. If you make comments, Forexustaad will also teach you about it. This will be of great benefit to you. You learn first then invest in forex trading. If you want to do forex trading or crypto trading then visit our website and get free forex trading training, and free tools if you want to be a successful Forex trader, subscribe to our channel now. So you can get all the incoming videos on time.


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