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Bitcoin News today | Crypto Market is Going Crash

In this video, we will do a weekly analysis of BTC. Why the value of all coins, including BTC, is falling. You will find the answer to this question in this video. If you look at BTC in the monthly chart, BTC has been falling for the last two months. This month is also becoming a bearish candle. Technically, BTC is still falling. If you look at the daily chart, BTC is falling and is showing signs of falling further. Therefore, Forexustaad advises that if you have bought BTC, do not buy BTC now. Sell BTC now and let it come down further. Relevant BTC coins, such as Ethereum, are falling. If you look at the Ethereum chart, Ethereum could fall to 1100. Similarly, the ADA coin is also falling down. Buy ADA coins from 0.35 to 0.40. The US Parliament has raised the issue of whether BTC is legal or illegal. If the US Parliament declares BTC illegal, it will be a wake-up call for traders all over the world. After that, action will be taken against BTC traders. Luna Coin fell to zero, leaving the world unable to believe in cryptocurrency. The world has stopped relying on BTC as before. The world has stopped investing in cryptocurrencies. This is the main reason why all cryptocurrencies have fallen. Buy Dogecoin entry is made at 0.06. Shiba Coin has come to its lowest position. If Shiba Coin falls even lower then there will be no difference between Shiba Coin and Luna Coin. There is a warning for those who invest in cryptocurrency not to invest in crypto anymore. Cryptocurrencies are about to crash. Those who have invested in Luna Coin should withdraw their investment as Luna Coin may crash again. You learn first then invest in forex trading. If you want to do forex trading or crypto trading then visit our website and get free forex trading training, and free tools if you want to be a successful Forex trader, subscribe to our channel now. So you can get all the incoming videos on time.


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