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Opening Event Of Technow Pakistan

  • Raheel Nawaz
  • 2020-12-09

Mr Raheel Nawaz “The CEO of” organized an event about opening of his dream and milestone software house name as TECHNOW the technology hub.

This event was organized in “ The city of Eagles” Gujranwala (Pakistan). In this event Raheel Nawaz explained about TECHNOW what the TECHNOW basic is what services TECHNOW is going to offer to people. These services are

  • Website development

    1. E-commerce
    2. Customer Relationship Management solutions
    3. Web Design
    4. Web App
  • Software development

    1. Application development and integration
    2. Data Modelling and Data Migrations
    3. Mobile Application development
    4. Cloud base SAAS Applications
  • Web hosting

  • E-Marketing Solutions

  • Career & Business Consulting

  • Professional Trainings

    1. Earn From Internet
    2. Forex Training
    3. Website Development
    4. Software Development
    5. Andrid Application Development

He explained need of all these services like why a business Website, Software, Web hosting, E Marketing and Professional training one by one. In Professional training session he has explained “what is Forex Trading ?” “How can they do Forex Trading?” The source person Mr Raheel Nawaz told the audience about the advantages of Forex trading. The beginning procedure was told them in such a way that most of the people who were not knew “Forex” before it, learnt it and understood it very easily.

It was a detailed sessions about Forex by comparing it with real market business. There was a light atmosphere ,where there every one was in a passion to learn. After the completion of presentation there was been given an opportunity to open a bonus account. With the opening of this account people got $30 as a gift from Raheel Nawaz. Also he had given discounts on his all services. There were a lot of gifts such as T-Shirts, notepads, pens etc. and a he also launch a 1 month free course “How to earn money through Internet” After this learning full session people take a delicious lunch, with many kinds of food. And in this way, Mr Raheel Nawaz made the day of audience. It was not only a Learning session but a get-together , a gift day and a Bonus Party.

But He has not forget his ONLINE followers in his this pleasure he does not gave hard form bonuses to you but you can get $30 Bonus in a week after registration.


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