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Basic Trainning

Lecture 5: How to open account in Forex market Urdu hindi

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After understanding basics of Forex next you will need to know how to start with a broker? which terminal(broker) is best for me ?

In this video forex ustaad has mentioned all the good qualities that should a broker has like.

1- Broker should be regulated?

2- Where the broker hold your money?

3- Which platform broker is providing to his customers?

4- What kind of charges he is charging from his customers like spread charges etc

Forex ustaad also describe some other basic terms like Ask Price, Bit Price and spread. Also suggest a one of the best broker to choose. I strongly recommend you join this trusted broker with my affiliate and get my Advance Training course free Join

#exness :

If you need to ask any question about forex feel free to visit or WhatsApp on +923456542380


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