Central Bank Rates

Central Banks Interest Rates Next Meeting
  FED 1.75% Mar 18, 2020
  ECB 0.00% Mar 12, 2020
  BOE 0.75% May 07, 2020
  SNB -0.75% Mar 19, 2020
  RBA 0.75% Mar 03, 2020
  BOC 1.75% Mar 04, 2020
  RBNZ 1.00% Mar 25, 2020
  BOJ -0.10% Mar 19, 2020
  CBR 6.00% Mar 20, 2020
  RBI 5.15% Apr 03, 2020
  PBOC 4.35%
  BCB 4.25% Mar 18, 2020

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Make sure and read these terms of services carefully it is automatically considered that you the user of any facility from www.ForexUstaad.com is agreed and bound to obey the TOS. We have right to change all / any term and condition at any time without intimating that change will be applicable just after that changed been made. No matter anyone had or had not knowledge about that changed. It is your duty to read terms of services time to time.

We arrange time to time webinars and training sessions. Members are not allowed to use or share our training martial with any other slimier website or Trainer. We have all rights reserved to take action of unlawful usage of our material which we post time to time on our website www.ForexUstaad.com.

· Members must provide us true information’s about him/her.

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· For our training session all kind of fee charges must be payable before the session starts which is not returnable in any case.

· www.ForexUstaad.com has right about any session or training class to stop it or postpone it

· Members of training class / session have no right to claim their money if the classes stopped/ postpone or member left from training due to his own.

· Members of www.ForexUstaad.com must obey the rules announced by www.ForexUstaad.com time to time.

.Forex Trading is a high risk business so If anyone face lose in his account due to his own activity will be responsible by its own.

· You agree that our past performance does not guarantee you the same results in the future

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